In the heart of Mbarara among green pastures and scenic farms, stands Muhangi Dairy Farm Limited, a company that has redefined the dairy processing industry through a combination of yoghurt processing, artificial insemination and silage production. Founded over 5 decades ago by the “Muhangi family” as a traditional free range farm with over 300 cows, Muhangi Dairy Farm Ltd began as a a zero grazing farm to rearing high quality cows for milk production for the local community. However, through visionary leadership and a commitment to excellence, the company has since grown into a powerhouse, setting new standards for quality, sustainability, and innovation in the dairy industry.

Founding Principles

Muhangi Dairy Farm Limited was built upon the founding principles of integrity, quality, and community engagement. From the outset, the company’s founders recognized the importance of working closely with local dairy farmers to source the highest quality milk while supporting the rural economy. By forging strong partnerships with suppliers and prioritizing sustainable farming practices, the company has ensured a consistent supply of fresh, premium milk—a cornerstone of its success.

Innovative Product Development

While Muhangi Dairy Farm Limited began as a zero grazing farm, the company’s leadership understood the need to adapt to changing consumer preferences and market trends. Leveraging a spirit of innovation, the Agri-Sme invested in research and development to create a diverse range of innovative dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, ghee, butter that appeal to modern consumers. From a range of flavored yogurts to cheese, Muhangi Dairy Farm has continuously expanded its product portfolio to meet evolving consumer demands while maintaining its commitment to quality and freshness.

Yoghurt processed and packaged by the Agri-Sme









Sustainable Practices

As consumer awareness of environmental sustainability grew, the agri-Sme undertook proactive steps to minimize its ecological footprint and promote sustainable practices throughout its operations. The company has implemented energy-efficient technologies, optimized packaging materials, and implemented waste reduction initiatives to minimize environmental impact.

Community Engagement

Throughout its journey, Muhangi Dairy Farm Limited has remained deeply rooted in its local community, actively supporting educational initiatives, agricultural fairs, and community events. The company has forged strong partnerships with Dairy coo-operatives, farmers to whom it buys milk from and provides training on dairy farming practices.

Recognizing the immense potential within the SME, Finding XY on-boarded Muhangi Dairy Farm Limited into the Women in Agriculture Impact Investment (WAII) Facility, an enterprise support program that has supported its growth journey from providing business advisory to hand-holding the company throughout its investment and fundraising journey. This initiative embodies a collaborative spirit, acknowledging that businesses like Muhangi Dairy Farm Limited exemplify transformative power of vision and innovation and therefore, should be supported.