Founder: Stella. L. Nambuya.
Start Date: 2013
Website: www.hamwe.org
Location: Kanjokya House, Kanjokya street-Kampala district.
Business Focus: Agro-tech which provides E-learning, digital agro-business platform and an SMEs gateway.

hamwe east africa limited

Hamwe East Africa is a digital technology platform service provider with domain expertise in telecommunication, digital finance, mobile payments, E-learning, agri-tech and mobile health ICT enabled system. The SME typically provides mobile digital platform trainings which are inclusive of access to markets, inputs and finance to agri-business owners in Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi.

Founded in 2013, Hamwe East-Africa Limited started out delivering actionable agronomy content via SMS and USSD technologies to enable good agricultural practices among dairy farmers and later expanded to dealing with cotton, coffee, chili and sunflower growers.

The Agri-Sme directly and indirectly deals with 120 agri-businesses as B2B customers through their value chain in Uganda, and has about 400 digital agents across the country each of which has about 100-200 farmers.

Hamwe’s business philosophy considers an analysis of the company’s customer’s current and future needs to guide the nature of service infrastructure and the mechanisms of delivery.

“We firmly position our clients at the center of our business and this pushes us to have an ongoing quest to deliver innovative solutions that add real business value to their needs. This means that we have to stay ahead of the competition and we are continuously innovating and adopting emerging technologies for the future,” says Nambuya, Founder Hamwe East-Africa Limited.

The need to digitalize the Agri-value chain and enable livelihoods access actionable information via SMS, USSD and IVR technologies to increase farm productivity and household incomes inspired Nambuya to start Hamwe East-Africa Limited.

“Potential digital solutions can unlock so much development in industrial sectors,” says the Founder, adding, “I figured that incorporating mobile embedded communication solutions, a unified automated workflow system, digital and mobile money integrated payment platforms in building Hamwe’s business portfolio would be significant in building a digital culture in remote and rural areas, eventually increasing food security and financial inclusion in Agri-business owners.”

In the next five years, Nambuya envisions an enterprise that has championed the fight to zero hunger, poverty and financial inclusion by impacting more than 120 farmers who are currently in their system. Additionally, she hopes to see to the designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating development and corporate communication interventions in various fields of social, economic, and human development to national and international clients in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.